Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The last few months

Funny things that have happened in the last few months…

Phoebe and Esme’ are now staying with my BFF Becca and her girls and the VERY first day they were there, Phoebe cut Shiloh’s hair. Shiloh is Phoebe’s Best Friend since birth, Phoebe is few months older, and she was a willing recipient of playing “Beauty Salon”. Luckily Shiloh is cuter than a Cabbage Patch Kid and her new hair cut looks wonderful. Phoebe is banned from ANY scissors until kindergarten.

Upset Phoebe = peeing on everything!

Yep, you read that right; Phoebe was very upset on morning when Shambra dropped them off at Becca's because she wanted to stay with him (I normally drop them off and he picks them up). So, once Shambra left, she walked around the kitchen and living room eating a cereal bar and peeing on the chair, the ottoman and the floor. When Becca asked her about it she just said, "I did it". Because Becca is great, she thought it was hilarious. Sometimes you have to laugh so you don't give them away ; )

Esme' has got three, almost four teeth now, the two on the bottom and her eye teeth that are coming in. She can walk if she holds on to your finger and she can stand by herself, it won't be very long at all before she is walking. The biggest controversy surrounding Esme' is...Shambra got her ears pierced! It is cute, but a bit sad because well...she's my baby. Phoebe is still holding out on the ear piercing. I have told her she cannot get them pierced until she turns three in a few months, because she keeps going back and forth on it. She was supposed to get them pierced when Esme' got hers pierced. Shambra should have let Phoebe go first.

Overall, life is good and most of the time the girls are too. Once we are moved into our new, hopefully three bedroom, home we can tackle big girl beds and getting Esme’ to sleep in a crib.

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