Thursday, September 8, 2011

School Days Kinda Womp

The day did not start out well, Esme is teething and ONLY wants me and she wanted me to hold her all night long. She didn’t want to wake up this morning either. Phoebe was wonderful until she realized she had to go to school today and then her stomach hurt. It hurt so much that she did not eat breakfast or even drink chocolate milk. Phoebe always wants chocolate milk. She was fine until the stoplight before her school came into view. She just said “I don’t want to go to school” and had big tears welling up in her eyes. I think it was because they were sincere tears and not tantrum driven, but I couldn’t hold back my own tears. So I told her we should pray and she agreed. We prayed for courage and strength, for Phoebe to be a good listener and to have fun playing with her friends, an all-around good day. Praying helped, because she had stopped crying and tried to be brave as we walked into her school, she gave her favorite teacher, Miss Beth a small wave and Miss Beth told her she was so glad to see her and that she was such a big girl and then that they were going to get all of her classmates together and have a birthday party for one of the little boys! There are few things in life that delight Phoebe as much as a birthday party. I knew that God had heard our prayer and knew of our need even before we did and I am thankful for little boys and cupcakes. I left a screaming Esme with Michelle with instructions about Tylenol and Orajel. I called my hubby to tell him about the morning drop off, so he would not be surprised about anything when he picked them up in the afternoon. God’s providence did not stop with a birthday party, but continued with a happenchance meeting with my Pastor’s wife and words of wisdom she spoke into me that I really needed. It didn’t even end with that meeting, a few hours later the wonderful aforementioned Michelle stopped by to tell me that Esme had stopped crying when I left and that a little Orajel and she had been a super happy baby. Thank you, God for knowing my limits and meeting me there.