Monday, November 21, 2011

The Biggest Change yet

So far 2011 has been a really big year for our family, bigger than 2006 and even bigger than 2009. We welcomed Esme' Claire into the world in January, then this summer we learned that Becca's mother would have to go back to work (she has watched all of our girls since birth) so that led to daycare for us. You've read how well that went, so now the girls are staying with Becca. This past weekend we were invited to Johnsonville First Baptist Church, in Johnsonville SC where Shambra was voted in as the new Minister of Music and Youth. We are very excited and have been praying about this possibility for several months now. We really enjoyed meeting everyone at the church and seeing the town (that bit didn't take very long). I think our family will be a good fit with the ministry the church already has going. I know Shambra is incredibility excited and cannot wait to begin. I am excited for a new adventure, but it is bittersweet leaving Pleasant View and all of my family and our friends in the Upstate. We will only be an hour and a half from Summerville and Shambra's family so that is a big plus.

It is wonderful to see how God works things out through us. Shambra has felt the call to Ministry for at least a year now and about six months ago I went from being very happy as a working mother to feeling the need to stay at home with our girls. I think for both of us at first, it was easy to ignore or excuse away. Shambra got even more involved at church and I could not think of anyone better to keep my girls than Vicki W. But things changed and we tried harder to keep them the same until it became unbearable, so in the middle of the summer Kelly G. and I revamped Shambra's resume and cover letter and he sent out about 30 applications. Shambra applied to Johnsonville, because it is Kelly G's home church. Shambra did the phone interview and he and I did an interview with the search committee in Columbia. All along we have had a peace about this church.

We really feel that this is where God wants us, so we are going...well as soon as we find a rental home. I'm sure God has that under control too, the packing is up to us though : )

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